Commercial Window Tinting
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Newcastle Commercial Window Tinting Services

A & C Classic Window Tinting provide comprehensive commercial window tinting services to Newcastle businesses, offering solutions to satisfy all energy efficiency, privacy and security requirements. Our large inventory of stock allows us to perform quick window tinting installations without the need to order more film. We’ll carefully evaluate your property to find a tint that responds well with the interior and exterior environments of your building, whilst satisfying any budgeting, security and energy efficiency ratings you require. Please give us a call or send us an email to arrange a measure and quote for your commercial property.

Safety and Security Films:

Safety and security window films add an extra layer of protection and safety to prevent against break-ins and window breakages from human impact, bringing 3mm+ glass up to the AS2208 safety standard. Safety and security window films allow the window to flex much more before breakage occurs. Our safety films are popular choice among childcare facilities and schools, who potentially risk injury to children should they run into glass and shatter it. We offer tinted varieties of our safety films for added privacy.

Whilst break-ins are impossible to prevent altogether, having a security film installed on your office or shopfront windows slows down and prevents successful break-ins while deterring future assailants from trying to break in. Because of their design & strong adhesion to the glass. When it is broken the film whats to hold the glass together rather than shattering and falling apart improving safety & security

Anti-Graffiti Films:

Anti-graffiti films are perfect for shopfronts and commercial properties that regularly have their windows scraped and scratched. They’re specially composed to give vandals the look and feel of glass when they scrape items across it, so they walk away thinking they’ve done some real damage, but all they’ve done is scratch the surface of the film. Instead of having to replace your glass window altogether, which would be a costly job, it’s a simple case of peeling the existing film off and placing a new one on there.

Commercial Window Tinting Services

Get in touch to organise a measure and quote for any of our commercial window tinting services in Newcastle. Call 0418 683 824.